#jaded series intro

I’ve always seemed to hoard away my old magazines, sure I would have a use for them in the future. First, their purpose was for collaging, a pastime of mine for my school notebooks to show just how ‘edgy’ and ‘creative’ I was. Then, they sat there… and they sat there for YEARS.

jaded magazine tbt series

Flash forward to recently, where I was in a creative rut. I was uninspired to create content until I remembered these magazines while moving and packing.

Then it came to me. Inspiration. I finally had a series I was looking forward to creating and sharing with you all.


In this series, I will be going through old issues of magazines and buying and reviewing products advertised/mentioned in articles and checking to see if they were discontinued or still alive and kicking. I’ll be creating looks utilizing said products and recreating looks seen. I’ll be taking a look at the fashions/’what’s hot’ sections and seeing if these trends are still alive and well. Basically, this series is one big #tbt. Is it relevant? Or is it #jaded?

#jaded series intro