I’m Jade, a 24 year old Pennsylvania-based blogger. Not easily describable in the written sense, but here I am, giving it a shot.

I want this blog to be similar to us just having a chat at a local coffee shop over our favorite brew about anything and everything.

I’m hospitality staff by day, lifestyle blogger… well, whenever I feel inspiration strike.

As of October 2017, after blogging on and off since 2013, I have decided to delve into the realm of self hosted blogging and I’ve gotta say, this is a lot more nerve wracking than anticipated! You hear everyone talk about how nervous they were and I was sitting here thinking… can y’all stop being so dramatic? But I get it now.

Will I thrive? Will I fail?

I’m used to writing quippy and borderline annoying tweets with a 140 character limit. Could I possibly bring to the table what it takes to be a blogger?

My main series is #jaded, a series in which I go through old issues of magazines and buy and review products advertised/mentioned in articles and check to see if they were discontinued or still alive and kicking. I creating looks utilizing said products and recreate looks seen. I take a look at the fashions/’what’s hot’ sections and seeing if these trends are still alive and well. Basically, this series is one big #tbt.

I also have a Youtube channel. You can check it out here!