Pastel Potato | The 90s: (lemon)Jaded Style

April 28, 2018

Like everyone and their mom these days, I’m a huge fan of all things 90s, especially 90s fashion. I’m also a huge fan of thrifting. Luckily, there’s always a bunch of 90s-esque pieces to be found while thrifting, and this sweater was one of those pieces.

thrifted outfit | thrifted sweater | 90s outfit | 90s fashion | ootd


Beanie: Sorority Noise
Sweater: AJ Brandon
Leggings: Victoria’s Secret Fleece Lined Legging
Socks: Dollar Tree
Shoes: Nike


I tried searching AJ Brandon to get a little bit more information, but from what I could find, they registered trademark in the early 80s and dissolved in the late 90s and that’s about it.





thrifted outfit | thrifted sweater | 90s outfit | 90s fashion | ootd

Ya girl thrifted this sweater for $3. THREE. DOLLARS. Now, it is a little more worn than I’d like, but I could NOT pass it up.


Just look at those buttons. I am such a sucker for large buttons because for some reason, larger buttons are so nostalgic for me. Am I the only one? Probably. I am really into the whole ‘millennial pink’ trend that’s going on so anything in this color immediately catches my eye, which is what initially caught my attention to this piece.




thrifted outfit | thrifted sweater | 90s outfit | 90s fashion | ootdThe Victoria’s Secret fleece lined leggings are an absolute godsend. Not only are they the most comfortable leggings ever, they also do a great job of keeping me warm and making my ass look absolutely phenomenal. I’ll be the first to admit they are kinda disgustingly pricey. I got mine a year back during the Black Friday sales going on, so uh, that’s how I’ll justify that.

Don’t you love how I’m like ‘yeah it was three whole dollars’ and then turn around and wear $60 leggings? OH WELL. It’s all about balance, right? No?




I’ll be making a whole series about my thrifted outfits and honestly can’t wait to show you the possibilities of the looks you can create if you’d open your mind to thrifting and up-cycling. This is just the beginning, y’all.


  • Tiffany

    May 25, 2018 at 9:33 am

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