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April 15, 2018

I read somewhere once that exercising is good for you, or something like that.

fitness update | exercise | gym update

With the new year, I decided  I was tired of how I was feeling, both mentally and physically. Planet Fitness had a one dollar to join deal and I hopped right on that New Year’s Resolution bandwagon and joined. A dollar to join and only $10 after that? I’ll take it.

My main goal in joining was to not be out of breath when walking up the steps in my house, (which roughly translates to building up my endurance). I also wanted to keep the thickness of my thighs, build my booty, and possibly reduce and tone my stomach.

Now, I truly have no clue what I am doing at the gym. I’m not an expert, and you’ll soon see proof of this. I tried signing up for the personal training they offer, but when I signed up, they did not have a trainer, so I was left to wing it. So please, if you’re looking for training advice, I am not the gal you should look to. (If you are looking for some help, my friend Steph, got your back. She’s accepting online clients!) I literally sit on the machine and Youtube a tutorial and hope I’m doing it correctly. I’m just here to share my experience and my accomplishments.

I’m well aware I should be doing a more well-rounded circuit and focusing on specific target areas per day, but, like I said, I’m just kind of winging this and focusing on the areas I most want to see results.

fitness update | fitness journey | gym update | gym routine | fitness routine |

January Fitness Update

fitness update | weight loss | weight loss progress | gym routine

I did not do a good job of detailing what I did in January, as I was just getting started. I didn’t write the dates down and am missing some info for certain days, so because of this, I decided to just compile the averages into an Excel chart that hopefully isn’t too confusing. I went to the gym a total of 9 days.

fitness update | fitness journey | gym update | gym routine

February Fitness Update

My amount of days decreased to only 6 days, according to what I have logged… I don’t know why, but this definitely seems kind of low to me? But it is what it is.

Feb 6.
219 cal. 1.37 mile. 30 min. Treadmill.
50 reps of 25. Leg extension.
75 reps of 25. Leg press.
4.69 miles. 139 cal. 30 min. Bike.

Feb 8.
218 cal. 1.38 mile. 30 min. Treadmill.
50 reps of 25. Leg extension.
75 reps of 25. Leg press.
7.60 miles. 215 cal. 45 min. Bike.

Feb 13.
214 cal. 1.4 mile. 30 min. Treadmill.
75 reps of 25. Leg extension.
60 reps of 40. Leg press.
100 reps of 40. Hip adductor.
8.58 mile. 236 cal. 45 min. Bike.

Feb 20.
211 cal. 1.38 mile. 30 min. Treadmill.
50 reps of 25. Leg extension.
75 reps of 40. Leg press.
5.43 mile. 151 cal. 30 min. Bike.

Feb 25.
223 cal. 1.4 mile. 30 min. Treadmill.
50 reps of 25. Leg extension.
75 reps of 40. Leg press.
5 mile. 145 cal. 30 min. Bike.

Feb 28.
222 cal. 1.38 mile. 30 min. Treadmill.
50 reps of 25. Leg extension.
50 reps of 15. Seated leg curl.
75 reps of 40. Leg press.
5.33 mile. 152 cal. 30 min. Bike.

March Fitness Update

I’ve always been that girl that would be into working out, something would happen, I would stop, gain weight, and the cycle would start all over again, which to be honest, happened in the month of March. I had been working both jobs, resulting in ten hour days. My first job is five, ten minutes tops from the gym, but after that initial shift was over, I’d have to travel 20+ minutes away to the other job, and after working all day and traveling out of the way, I honestly didn’t have the motivation to return back to where I was earlier.

I know, shame on me. Excuses, excuses. “If you want to be there, you’ll find a way there.” You right, you right. I thought about going constantly and actually felt guilty. Going to the gym as a part of my routine was something I was finally getting used to and looked forward to, but hey, shit happens.

I can say that I have noticed my sleeping has gone back to shit. I have a hard time falling asleep at night and then once I am asleep, wanting to sleep all day. (This can also be attributed to my inability to recover from losing an hour of sleep during daylight savings time.) The combination of overworking and not going to the gym has left me feelings pretty lousy. My headaches have come back and my water intake has also decreased.

Let’s hope the future months bring more stability at the gym and a better ability to buckle down and commit.

I would love your feedback on which format you would like to see the logs. Do you prefer the Excel sheet of averages, or do you like seeing the day to day progress/increases?



  • Daniella

    April 16, 2018 at 5:22 am

    Wonderful article! I feel motivated to start working out again after seeing your great progress.

  • Christine

    April 17, 2018 at 12:12 pm

    I loved this! I am beginning a fitness routine as well, so we can commiserate. 🙂

  • Alison

    April 21, 2018 at 11:18 am

    Keep pushing girl! You are doing great! It’s tough to stay on track, but you got this. I’m finally buckling down to lose some baby weight :/ slow and steady is my mantra!

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