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March 18, 2018

BACK IN MY DAY… we had a wondrous social networking site called MySpace. We could customize our layout and throw around our best basic HTML skills to our little heart’s desires. We could even put on our current favorite song or have an entire MySpace playlist (depending on how long you stayed on the site) to let everyone know how our little emo teenage selves were feeling.

best myspace songs

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Please tell me I’m not the only one who remembers pc4pc, (forgive me but uh) whore4whore, writing people’s names on their hands are ‘signs,’ surveys in the bulletins, site models, friend/follow/whore trains, and owning people’s pics? Please tell me I haven’t gotten so old that people don’t know what any of that is, because I will have a damn crisis. Should we bring that shit back? Can we? Please?

ZOMG rawr ilysm  xx ♥ STAY BR00TAL.Wow I can’t believe you bumped to your number 2 friends on your top 8, wtf, how could you?

Okay, I’m done.

myspace layout site sign

myspace layout site sign

I even used to own a large MySpace layout and graphic site with some 35k friends  (I was a self taught Photoshop QUEEN, don’t even @ me) and everything called ‘Doctor Esteban.’


Putting the amount of thought to find the perfect layout and matching graphics was almost equally met with the thought to which perfect song reflected my mood and current musical interests. Feel my sadness about a boy who doesn’t like me. Feel my angst and hate for my family radiate through my songs. I wanted you all to KNOW I liked different music than a majority of the people my age. If sponsorships were a thing for other people besides Jeffree Star and Audrey Kitching back then, you would have thought I was THIRSTY for a Hot Topic sponsorship. (Hot Topic, feel free to uh, still extend that arm if you want, I still love ya.)(Extra side note: you bet your ASS I just applied to be a Hot Topic affiliate holla @ ur girl.)

Some people are ashamed of the music they listened to when they were younger. I have NO SHAME. These are the songs I had my my MySpace the most and you KNOW I still listen to a bunch of these on the reg.

My MySpace Playlist

The Crimson– Atreyu
Always– Saliva
Curse of Me– Wednesday 13
These Are the Days– The Exies
Cemetery Gates– Pantera
Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows– Brand New
Killing Myself Again– Deadstar Assembly
I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague– Finger Eleven
Never Too Late– Three Days Grace
The Nameless– Slipknot
Vermilon Pt 2– Slipknot
Drunk on Shadows– HIM

And as a SPECIAL bonus, the song that inspired my XANGA username,
Psycho Holiday– Pantera

MySpace era nostalgia…

myspace throwback playlist

The Crimson   
This song is still easily my favorite Atreyu song and I honestly don’t know why it sticks out to me more than others. I saw Atreyu in one of the best lineups at the lowkey shittiest venue that still had my heart, Crocodile Rock Cafe. Seriously, that place was one of my horcruxes and a part of me died with it when it was demolished. It was Atreyu, blessthefall, Chiodos, and Architects back in 2010. This is, hands down, the song I placed as my song the most.


Guys. I know. Who even likes Saliva? The answer was me. I LOVED them. They (and Puddle of Mudd) were my first concert (but only because My Chemical Romance canceled at the Allentown Fair, okay). But then I went and saw them again… and again… and like, a total of 5 times, to be honest because they just constantly came to Croc Rock and that was the only venue I could really get to without a car or license. Hell, I even changed my VampireFreaks (REPRESENT) username from nameless_psychotic (inspired by another song on this list) to -Always.

Curse of Me
myspace throwbackAnother band I frequented at Croc Rock about four or five times and found courtesy of VampireFreaks. You can even catch a glimpse of me in their DVD they filmed there. Fang Bang will always be a banger.

These Are the Days
Just listen to these lyrics. This song made me always think of my friends and the shenans we would have all the time. I got into this band courtesy of my Vampirefreaks found online boyfriend, James.. Who then also was in a relationship with two other girls… and then tried to convince me he was a vampire. You can’t make this shit up, friends. Anyways, this was another band I got to see at Croc Rock and met afterwards. Someone from one of the opening bands was drunk and was harassing me while I was talking to the singer from the Exies, and he had the drunk dude kicked out. It was a solid time.

myspace playlist the exes

Cemetery Gates
I found a Pantera DVD at a yard sale and on a whim, bought it after having heard about the band a few times before and I instantly fell in love. I don’t really have any awesome seeing them live stories, because they broke up long before. Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul have the blood of musical gods and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
I don’t wanna give much attention to this band after the news that came out recently about Jesse Lacey, but yeah, this was on the list.

Killing Myself Again
I found this band thanks to Vampirefreaks and one of the best people I met on there, Nate (dante_of_chaos WHERE ARE YOU THESE DAYS?). Industrial-esque music does things for me, and this song ripped. I wish Deadstar Assembly wasn’t so slept on.

I’ll Keep Your Memory Vague
Another song inspired by the online boyfriend, haha. I had my MSN name/AIM away message as lyrics from this so often. A slow sappy song that reminded me of the utter BETRAYAL of my online boo. (Kidding. Kind of.)

Never Too Latemsn chat, myspace throwback
If you couldn’t already tell, I am definitely a sucker for band’s slow songs/power ballads.This is the first song I taught myself on guitar. I went through a HUGE obsession with the entire album One-X because I was convinced it was the perfect album. It went through all the phases of a relationship. Falling in love, anger, breakup. I thought it had it all. One of my best friends even got me a signed copy of it for Christmas. I had my MySpace name set as Jade [Let’s Start a RiOt!] for a bit. (I humbly invite you to judge this MSN convo, but I wanted to show you the background was Adam from Three Days Grace.)


The Nameless
My favorite Slipknot song (basically tied with the next song on this list and Snuff if I’m being honest). I love this messed up song so much, I even have a tattoo of it (my own concept, thank you very much!). This inspired half of my VampireFreaks username. If only more people cared about it so they would play it live, I would DESTROY everyone around me. My VF signature was “The only thing I ever really loved was hate,” and I was so set on having this tattooed. Thank goodness my angsty tattoo was put at bay due to me being broke and a minor, that I held off… long enough for the eventual tattoo of other lyrics from it.

Vermilion Part 2
The first song by Slipknot I fell in love with and naturally… it’s a slow one. “But I won’t let this build up inside me,” resonated SO HARD. When I went to the Slipknot meet and greet a few years back, I had Corey Taylor write this same line so I can have this tattooed. This May, it will permanently be inked on my body. It’s gotten me through so many hard times (even though I’m well aware what the song is truly about).

Drunk On Shadows
Dark Light was constantly in my cd player (because I didn’t have money for a fancy iPod or mp3 player). I thought HIM were lyrical geniuses and this song spoke to me y’all. I had a HIM heartagram hanging in my locker, HIM earrings, HIM shirts. I was so lucky to have finally seen them on their last tour.


Do you remember your MySpace songs? I am dying to hear where your musical interests were back then.  



  • Jasmyne

    May 24, 2018 at 4:18 am

    I’m so glad to hear you were apart of the sw fam! It’s still alive after all these years!

  • Kayla

    May 24, 2018 at 5:04 am

    The site stuff from MySpace is still around! We’re on Facebook now, still making signs and everything! Find me @


    June 17, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you
    penning this post and also the rest of the site is very good.

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