Top 10 Most Played Songs of 2017

December 11, 2017

Music is an integral part of my life and has saved me in so many ways. I could drone on about how much it means to me etc etc, but I’ll spare y’all. I am nosy as heck and love seeing what other people are listening to. I figured I’d put my most played songs of the year out in the open for you all to see (and judge- please be gentle). Not only will I share my iTunes top songs, but as I listen to Spotify more than my iTunes, I decided to add on my Spotify top played songs of 2017 as well.

(Guys, these songs are ALL over the place, as you’re about to see. I’m a fan of basically all genres.) (Also note, the links below are affiliate links and I will make a small percentage if you decide to purchase using my links!)

1. Love You To Death– Type O Negative
2. Passing Through a Screen Door– The Wonder Years
3. Using- Sorority Noise
4. Sugar- System of a Down
5. Came Out Swinging– The Wonder Years
6. Airhead- Seaway
7. Killing Myself Again– Deadstar Assembly
8. Small Victories– Knocked Loose
9. The Night I Drove Alone– Citizen
10. Separate- Knocked Loose

Spotify is currently running a promotion where the first 3 months of your Spotify Premium account will only be 99 cents ($9.99 for the months following). You can stream whenever and wherever without ads!

top 10 most played songs of 2017


1. I Want You Back– N*Sync
2. Devastator- For Today
3. A Letter– La Dispute
4. (&) Delinquents– Woe, Is Me
5. Engine 45– The Ghost Inside
6. Jamie All Over– Mayday Parade
7. Abigail- Motionless in White
8. Mr. Highway’s Thinking About the End– A Day to Remember
9. We’ve Got It Going On– Backstreet Boys
10. Clarity- Zedd

I also felt the need to note that the iTunes is my top played of all time, so for as long as I have had my iTunes account, the number of plays have built up. Some of these songs I haven’t listened to in a while, but hey, I’m never one to fully deny my musical past. It is what it is.

I’m always open to music suggestions, so drop some in the comments below! Maybe one of your suggestions will make it’s way onto next’s year list!

top 10 most played songs of 2017


  • Meghan @ Girl Biz Online

    December 15, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    I know a few of these songs but for the most part I haven’t heard of them! Excited to listen and hopefully find some more music inspiration 🙂

    Great idea!

    1. lemonjaded

      January 2, 2018 at 5:45 pm

      Have you had a chance to listen? Anything pique your interest?!

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